Women and Weight Training

Women Empowerment! 


Times sure have changed. 

In today's society, there are more fierce, strong, and devoted women lifting weights than there ever were. There has always been a conventional belief in the past that lifting weights would lead women to the masculine physique. 

This archaic belief could not be further from the truth. 

For someone to gain an exponential amount of muscle mass, one has to put in a considerable amount of hard work, discipline, dedication, consistency and follow a strict dietary plan to achieve such physique.

In fact, weight training can enhance a woman's figure and one can focus on certain areas that they are trying to improve on. Although, It is vital for anyone who is trying to stay healthy and in shape to do all types of physical exercises. 

Depending on your goals, of course. 

If you are someone trying to get in shape and feel good, we suggest doing a variety of exercises. It is of the essence that you do cardiovascular/endurance sports, just as it is important to do strength training. They both go hand in hand with an overall healthy physique. Building a proportional, symmetrical body requires a lot more effort than squatting every day of the week. 

Even in Keys to the Inner Universe that was published in 1978 by the famous bodybuilder Bill Pearl, he states: 

"Anything considered a good health practice for a man would apply equally for a woman....She may want to concentrate on total body training or possibly specialize on certain muscle groups that will improve her ability for a particular athletic endeavor. Proper weight training can make life easier for a woman as well as for a man." - Bill Pearl

For anyone who still might not know where to begin when it comes to first time lifters, or are afraid to look too masculine - Have No Such Fear. Take a look at what you want to accomplish and what areas you want to focus on. You have the power and the resources to make it happen!

I have always been astonished by that particular quote from Keys to the Inner Universe, by Bill Pearl. Those words alone are what every woman out there should hear and understand. There is an entire page in his book dedicated to why women should lift. 

Here at Mission Discipline, we believe every person has the power within themselves to have the body they want and desire. You must put in the time and hard work! Just like the Pixar movie where a rat wanted to be a cook and lived by the motto, "Anyone Can Cook...." 

Anyone Can Lift!




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