Roadblocks | The Fight to Continue

Never Give Up or Give In


Recently, we have all faced roadblocks, and every day that list just keeps growing. Now more than ever we are sitting at the crossroad of our destiny, not just individually, but globally. We are universally facing challenges, trials, and tribulations.

We have heard this saying, “We are all in this together,” but are we really all facing the same roadblocks and setbacks? No.


Every single person currently is facing different challenges and we are all dealing with the same issue, but on a very different scale than one another. How do we face obstacles and roadblocks? First and foremost, we will not shrivel back, curse, and cry about why this is happening. Second, we will not blame other people for our unforeseen circumstances. Thirdly, we absolutely will not spend too much time dwelling on matters that we can’t change.


What can we do?




We will find every alternative and find a way to put that negative energy into positive energy that allows us to proactively take initiative and to take charge of the things we are able to control. Too many people give up when times are tough and become paralyzed from overthinking and over analyzing, which leads to being stuck, also known as, Paralysis by Analysis.


Many gyms have been closed over the course of this pandemic, but one could hardly call this a roadblock. We all have the potential to give ourselves a rigorous workout with just our bodyweight alone. Calisthenics is a great way to put your physical fitness to the test. Not to mention that running and walking alone is something we don’t need a gym for. We have the ability to push our bodies and really make it tired, fatigued, and feeling accomplished.


The gym does not make you fit, anybody can go to the gym and presently be there. What makes you fit is the effort, discipline, and time. It is the effort that you put into each individual exercise that makes you physically fit.


No matter what situation you are in remember that you can take action and have belief in yourself to keep moving and pressing onward, even when everything is going wrong, uncertain, and unplanned. Never give up, give in, and keep moving.


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