DIY: Deadlift Platform

Let's face it, Times have been challenging. 
During this time of uncertainty, many of us may not feel 100% comfortable going to the gym. Maybe some gyms around us are still closed or perhaps our budgets are tight and we can't afford to buy a deadlift platform. 
Look NO Further.
Calling all DIY-ers to check out this awesome DIY: DEADLIFT PLATFORM home project that will cost roughly $150. 
We believe everyone should have access to staying fit and being safe while doing so. 
List of Materials Used:



  • Power Drill
  • Measure Tape
  • Box Knife
  • Caulking Gun



1. Secure the 4x4 plywood onto the middle of the 4x8ft plywood with glue and let it sit to dry for several hours before flipping to the other side.

2. Flip the glued 4x4 and 4x8 plywood and screw in from the other side.

3. Glue in the bottom piece (4x8ft) of plywood to the second 4x8 ft piece. Secure it in with screws.

4. Cut 4x8 ft rubber mat (using a box knife or a saw) 2 ft from each side (since they are cut in a factory, their cut will be cleaner so use that to your advantage).

5. Apply adhesive with a caulk gun to the rubber protrusions and place weights on top of the mat to ensure adhesion of rubber to plywood.

6. Screw-in the rubber mat into the plywood using a power drill. Use washers in order to not screw-in right through the rubber mat.

7. Lastly, apply polyurethane on the 4x4 ft piece of plywood to protect the wood and ensure easy cleanup.

8. Train hard and keep aiming high for your goals and aspirations!



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